The day to day costs

When you join as a supporter or make a one-off donation it is difficult to envisage where your money may be spent.
To give some examples, here are a few typical costs of various items:
1 rivet for the Sea Hawk = 75p
Spark plugs for the Swordfish, 
Sea Fury or Chipmunk = £20 – £40
Replacement Tyre for the Sea Fury = £125
Replacement Tyre for the Sea Vixen = £200
Elevator Trim cables for the Sea Hawk = £850
Control cables for the Chipmunk = £4000

Campaigns and Appeals
From time to time we will launch special Campaigns and Appeals in order to raise money for a specific project. For example an engine overhaul for the Pegasus (Swordfish), Centaurus (Sea Fury), Nene (Sea Hawk) can cost around £100,000.