Swordfish W5856 Update

Sadly the report received this morning, on the valves that were being tested, has recommended we do not fit them to the Pegasus engine.  Further work is required and a new set will have to be sourced with changes to the valve hardening process required before they will be approved for use.  Work is already underway to source new valves but the reality is they will not be produced and cleared into the aircraft in time for the 2017 display season.  If we can get the aircraft serviceable this year she would be test flown, a new pilot waiting in the wings converted, with the aim of getting ahead for the 2018 season.

Sitting in the wings is a Sea Fury T20 that has been rebuilt following the emergency landing in 2014.  Once this aircraft has completed a successful ground run, which we hope will happen within the next week, we may well be in the position to offer a Sea Fury in lieu of a Swordfish.