Sea Vixen G-CVIX XP924 Update

Sea Vixen G-CVIX XP924 has had a very successful winter maintenance period but unfortunately due to a combination of minor technical issues coupled with revised flying display requirements introduced by the CAA and MAA, and only formally published in CAP 403 this week, the aircraft and pilot are not quite ready yet to display at the Abingdon Air and Country Show on 14 May 2017. She is expected to complete ground runs and comply fully with the new requirements in the next few weeks and make her first appearance of the season at the Duxford Air Festival on 27-28 May 2017.

Chief Engineer Brian Johnstone’s Report

‘Whilst carrying out engine tests last Tuesday the canopy opening mechanism seized. Luckily for for me in almost the fully open position so I was able to squeeze out. It has taken us four days to remove the offending gearbox due to the extremely difficult access to the part.

We now have it out and the new one is going back in but expected to take the rest of the week to complete. These photos show what the bevel gears should look like and what they do look like.

Our new Deputy Chief engineer, Kevin Bugg said they are not so much teeth but more like gums. He’s a wag. Please be rest assured we are trying our best to get it back together so we can resume workup next week’.

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The two ground runs have gone well. First Test flight of the season was carried out and the team are very pleased with her perfomance!


First Test Flight of the 2017 season