May Oily Rag Update

 The Sea Vixen

The removed engine inspections were proceeding OK and the top compressor casings were removed and refitted to enable compressor rotor and stator blade inspections for damage and corrosion.  However, the compressor inspections are only one part of our CAA approved AMOC engine inspection procedures, which has now been invalidated by the issue of CAA Mandatory Permit Directive (MPD) 2018-002 ‘Engine Calendar Life Limits’.  We are currently updating our Engine AMOC procedures for further submission to the CAA to reflect MPD 2018-002 requirements and once approved, the outstanding engine maintenance procedures will be completed.

The team have commenced the second annual inspections and these are well underway.  Work also continues to develop the sheet metal repair schemes required to repair the aircraft and the port rudder actuator has been changed due to worn eye end bearings and bearing housings.


The engineers also unexpectedly found that the gear box can still turn as shown in the video below.


The  Swordfish W5856

Is fully serviceable and with several hours before the next piston inspection, she has a few engagements in her diary.  The troublesome brake pressure issue was solved by stripping, testing and cleaning its small compressor. No obvious fault was found but the cleaning and reseating of components has restored the system to full functionality and  PFLARM trials have finished.

Sea Fury T20

Is also full serviceable following overwintering with Weald Aviation and engaged in working up the display routine for the new season.