These aircraft are used throughout the year for continuation training and on an ad hoc basis for conversion training, to provide Royal Naval display pilots with tailwheel experience. They are absolutely essential as there is nothing else in today’s inventory which can be used as pre-cursor training for both the Swordfish and ultimately the Sea Fury.


One of the most significant Fleet Air Arm training aircraft of the 1940 and 50s, the T.6 Texan is used as a training aircraft by the pilots of the Royal Navy Historic Flight read more

Douglas AD4 Skyraider

The Douglas Skyraider filled an important gap in British Naval Aviation and occupied a unique position in the Royal Navy because of her ability to carry nearly a ton of powerful radar equipment, complete with pilot and two radar operators. read more


The Chipmunk was built to succeed the Tiger Moth biplane trainer widely used in World War II and remained in service with the Royal Navy from 1965 to 1983 read more