The development of the helicopter brought about a sea-change in the operation of aircraft from ships at sea.  With the ability to carry similar pay-loads to fixed wing aircraft, yet none of the restrictions of runway length for take-off and landing, rotary aviation transformed naval aviation from sea by enabling aircraft to operate from single spot flight decks for the first time.  This allowed escort ships like frigates and destroyers to operate helicopters away from the large aircraft carriers.


Westland Wasp HAS Mk 1 represents the first generation of British helicopters purpose-designed to operate from frigates at sea read more


The Westland Wasp is a light anti submarine strike helicopter for operation from platforms on small ships read more


The Royal Navy's Westland SA 341C Gazelles entered service in December 1974 with 705 Naval Air Squadron to provide a Basic Flying Training Course for all RN helicopters read more