Early Pioneers

The first RN aviators funded their pown training, but soo nthe Admiralty realised the potential benefit of eyes in the sky, both for recconnaisance and gunnery spotting and Naval aviation became fully endorsed by their Lordships. The First World War saw massive developments, aircraft becoming more capabl;e and then armed. The RN carried out the first strategic bombing from the air and developed fighter tactics. Additionally, aircraft at sea developed from flimsy floatplanes to being able to land and take off state of the art fighters from ships under way.


This pioneer of waterborne aviation helped lead the way in the development of aircraft operating at sea read more

Avro 504K

The Avro 504K carried out the first strategic bombing raid in history when it attacked German Zeppelin sheds in 1914 read more

Bristol Scout

The first wheeled aircraft to take off from an aircraft carrier at sea in 1915 and the first naval aircraft to be sufficiently fast and manoeuvrable to chase enemy aircraft read more