Stinson Reliant 42-46703

Owner: Paul Kehoe
Status: Flying

Built by the Stinson Aircraft Company of Detroit in 1942, Stinson Reliant 1 N69745 (FX877) is one of over 500 transferred to the Royal Navy under Lend – Lease arrangement. This American civil aircraft first appeared in 1933. Five hundred military Gull Wing versions were transferred to the Royal Navy under Lend-Lease Arrangements during the second World War. This aircraft type was employed extensively by the Fleet Air Arm between 1943 and 1946 for navigational training and as a communications aircraft for many second line units. Most of the aircraft were retired to the USA after the War and eventually became civil registered.


The Stinson Reliant is a high winged monoplane with seating for up to four passengers. The aircraft was extremely versatile with good performance and had an unwavering solid feel which was ideally suited for the communication and training roles.






Tech Specs

  • Crew: 4

Flight Specs :

Speed -
135 mph
Range -
Ceiling -
Full Specs