Owner: Fly Navy Heritage Trust
Status: Flying 2019

Sea Fury T.20 G-RNHF (VX281)

The Sea Fury T.20 is a twin-seat trainer variant of the Sea Fury and, unlike the other aircraft of the Royal Navy Historic Flight, which are all registered on the military register, Sea Fury T.20 G-RNHF (VX281) is owned by the Navy Wings charity (Fly Navy Heritage Trust) and is operated on the civilian register.

The Sea Fury T20 was a fighter trainer and is still used today by the Royal Navy Historic Flight to give Sea Fury display pilots much valued access to a trainer version of this most demanding of aircraft types.

A masterpiece of power and performance, the T20 generates great interest and excitement at air shows around the country augmenting the Flight when Sea Fury FB.11 is unavailable and enhancing the Royal Navy’s core collection of classic historic naval aircraft.

Tech Specs

  • Crew: 2

Flight Specs :

Speed -
460 mph / 741 km/h / 400 kts
Range -
680 mi. / 1.095 km / 591 NM
Ceiling -
10.455 m / 34.300 ft
Full Specs

Sea Fury T20 G-RNHF (VX281) was the second of 60 Sea Fury T20 aircraft built as weapon trainers for the Fleet Air Arm. Delivered to the Royal Navy in 1950 she served with 736 and 738 Naval Air Squadrons at Royal Naval Air Station Culdrose before being sold to the West German Government in 1963. Painted in the markings of an F10 single-seat aircraft of 799 Naval Air Squadron based at Royal Naval Air Station Yeovilton in 1949, VX281 was acquired from the United States in 2007 and rebuilt at North Weald.

The aircraft is loaned to the Royal Navy Historic Flight by the Fly Navy Heritage Trust and is displayed by the Historic Flight under an agreement between the Trust and the Royal Navy. In 2014 the aircraft suffered engine failure during a display manoeuvre at RNAS Culdrose Air Day and the Trust launched a successful £200,000 appeal to buy a new Centaurus 18 engine and the Sea Fury T20 has  been restored and is in flight.