Douglas AD4 Skyraider

Owner: Tim Manna
Status: Flying

A highly impressive of the Navy Wings Associate Collection, Douglas Skyraider AD4-NA 126922/G-RADR represents one of the most significant Fleet AIr Arm Aircraft of the 1950-60’s. The Skyraider is an immensely versatile aircraft and was widely used by the United States Navy inlcuding the Korean and Vietnam wars. The Royal navy acquired 50 Skyraider AD-4W early warning aircraft in 1951 and re-designated them as AEW.1 providing an important new capability for the Fleet.

Douglas Skyraider AD4-NA 126922/G-RADR was built in 1948 and served with the USN until 1960 including ditching off the carrier USS Princeton CV-37 due to engine trouble on 25 July 1953. The aircraft carries the colour scheme of that time but it also saw service with the French and Gabonese Air Forces



Tech Specs

  • Crew:

Flight Specs :

Speed -
300 mph
Range -
Ceiling -
23,800 feet
Full Specs