The Navy Wings collection represents the history of naval flying from 1909 through to the Fleet Air Arm of today.


This pioneer of waterborne aviation helped lead the way in the development of aircraft operating at sea read more

Avro 504K

The Avro 504K carried out the first strategic bombing raid in history when it attacked German Zeppelin sheds in 1914 read more

Bristol Scout

The first wheeled aircraft to take off from an aircraft carrier at sea in 1915 and the first naval aircraft to be sufficiently fast and manoeuvrable to chase enemy aircraft read more

The Swordfish

The Swordfish was one of the most successful aircraft in the history of naval air warfare owing to its versatility and manoeuvrability

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One of the most significant Fleet Air Arm training aircraft of the 1940 and 50s, the T.6 Texan is used as a training aircraft by the pilots of the Royal Navy Historic Flight read more

Douglas AD4 Skyraider

The Douglas Skyraider filled an important gap in British Naval Aviation and occupied a unique position in the Royal Navy because of her ability to carry nearly a ton of powerful radar equipment, complete with pilot and two radar operators. read more

Sea Fury

One of the fastest single piston-engined production aircraft ever built, the Sea Fury was the last propeller driven fighter to serve in the Royal Navy.

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The Chipmunk was built to succeed the Tiger Moth biplane trainer widely used in World War II and remained in service with the Royal Navy from 1965 to 1983 read more

Sea Hawk

This aircraft took Naval aviation into the Jet Age and was the direct successor to the Sea Fury read more


Westland Wasp HAS Mk 1 represents the first generation of British helicopters purpose-designed to operate from frigates at sea read more


The Westland Wasp is a light anti submarine strike helicopter for operation from platforms on small ships read more


The Royal Navy's Westland SA 341C Gazelles entered service in December 1974 with 705 Naval Air Squadron to provide a Basic Flying Training Course for all RN helicopters read more