As the aim of Navy Wings is to inspire future generations by bringing together the aircraft, people and story of flying from ships, the Trustees have decided to draw in owners of other flying (currently or planned) naval heritage aircraft in order to illustrate this more comprehensively.  The aim is to build up a complete collection of representative naval aircraft to cover the entire period of naval aviation from the start in 1909, to the present day.  As the collection builds, we will add details of each individual aircraft onto the web-site and our ultimate aim is to arrange a collective Navy Wings fly-in at relevant air shows in the future.

This exciting new collection already includes iconic aircraft such as the Bristol Scout, the AVRO 504 and the Westland Wasp helicopter.
Our Supporters will then be able to see at first hand the story of maritime aviation, which significantly, has now started to include the rotary wing story.  This is in entirely in accordance with our charitable aims which can be summarised as ‘Educate, Inspire and Remember’.

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