What is Navy Wings?

‘..in the Fleet Air Arm, the Navy has its most devastating weapon.’  Admiral Andrew Cunningham, Commander-in-Chief Mediterranean Fleet 1940

The bravery, determination and selfless commitment of Naval aircrews and support personnel, often in appalling weather conditions, and when battling seemingly insurmountable odds, have earned the people of the Royal Naval Air Service and Fleet Air Arm a unique place in our nation’s history. To acknowledge naval aviation’s immense contribution and to inspire future generations through displaying our flying historic naval aircraft, Navy Wings has been launched. Our aim is to bring together the aircraft, people and story of flying from ships at sea and to explain the challenges, achievements and bravery inherent in naval aviation.

The Royal Navy’s Aviation Heritage is strongly underscored by the cohesive nature of naval aviation, its ‘can do’ philosophy, doctrine, training and inherent flexibility.  The aircraft of the Navy Wings Collection embody the depth and richness of this heritage, providing a visible and dynamic reminder of the impressive history of achievement, endeavour and service to the nation through the ability to deliver air power from the sea.


Our flying aircraft link the Royal Naval Air Service of World War I, through to the Fleet Air Arm of today. Including both piston and jet powered aircraft, seaplanes and helicopters, they are a national asset of incomparable value.


Navy Wings is unique in creating a collective of flying vintage aircraft to bring the story of naval aviation to life. Our historic aircraft provide a tribute of remembrance to the fortitude and sacrifice of all who served in the Royal Naval Air Service and Fleet Air Arm.

About Us

Launched by the Fly Navy Heritage Trust, Navy Wings creates a collective partnership with other naval aircraft owners to actively promote the nation’s naval aviation heritage and reinforce the charity’s objectives to educate, inspire and remember.

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